The Celebrity Animal Exhibition

Three of the world’s most famous celebrities are coming to Surfers Paradise – albeit in bronze form and with the heads of animals.

Globally renowned artistic duo Gillie and Marc have handpicked Paradise Centre as the first Queensland destination to play host to The Celebrity Animal, their acclaimed sculpture exhibition that features life-size statues of celebrities sporting the heads of four-legged creatures. Arnie ‘Stag’ Schwarzenegger, Pamela ‘Poodle’ Anderson and Jessica ‘Rabbit’ Rabbit will call the tourist hot spot home for six months from July 4, with the exhibition having already wowed crowds in cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai.

Gillie, who has collaborated with her life and artistic partner for more than 25 years, said Surfers Paradise was the ideal Queensland location to showcase their Celebrity Animal sculptures. “Anyone who sees Arnie, Pamela and Jessica at Paradise Centre will appreciate why the trio will be happy to hang out in a sun-soaked tourist mecca such as Surfers Paradise,” she said. “While they may have the heads of animals, their very distinctive bodies certainly won’t look out of place on the Gold Coast.

The Celebrity Animal Exhibition opens at Paradise Centre on Thursday 4 July. 

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