Don’t blush too much when you meet superstar hairstylist Amanda! Our ‘People of Paradise’ spotlight brushed shoulders with Hollywood when she did the braids for the movie Aquaman starring Jason Momoa which was filmed here on the Gold Coast. Since 1999 the British expat has been proudly operating Surfers paradise hair wraps and braiding

 Be sure to say HI and get her autograph next time you’re in the centre.

Q: What do you like most about working at Paradise Centre?
A: I love the atmosphere, that the fellow shop owners become your friends, and that it is a tourist destination so we get people from all over the world. I love chatting to my customers and hearing their interesting stories. There have been many fascinating ones over the years!

Q: Has there been a highlight while working at Paradise Centre?
A: My highlight is when I get the mums who come up and say they got their hair done by me when they were a kid and now are bringing their children to me. We love that people love what we do.

Q: What has changed over the time you have worked at Paradise Centre?
A: Many things of course over the 20 years but the image of Surfers Paradise has been respectfully restored as the major Gold Coast tourist destination and Paradise Centre has maintained its position as the heart of Surfers Paradise.

Q: Tell us something interesting, cool or quirky about yourself.
A: I am British and I dreamt of living in Australia since I was 6 years old! I studied maths at university and then became an accountant. A total of 7 years of study just so that I could move from England to Australia as I love Australia and the lifestyle so much!

Q: Favourite spot to visit on the Gold Coast?
A: Burleigh for its laid back and creative vibe.

Q: What do you like to do on your time off?
A: I like to spend quality time with my partner and our family. As a business owner, we are always switched on to the phone and the computer. Since Covid, I have become keen on growing our own veggies. It’s very nurturing. Walking on the beach and exercising outside are great in this beautiful Queensland weather.

Surfers Paradise Hairwraps and Braiding is open seven days.

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